8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Stylish Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and has taken more than 480,000 lives worldwide. The medical department of the countries and WHO has declared the COVID-19 pandemic a health emergency. There have been certain restrictions such as wearing a face mask to protect yourself from getting the virus and social distancing. People have decided to buy face masks online in hope of getting stylish face masks to protect themselves as well as to look stylish at the same time.

Before you begin your search for buying a face mask in Canada, you need to know about a few things about face masks. Here are 8 such important things  you should know before buying a fashion face mask online:

1. Nature of fabrics and their effectiveness in the prevention of virus

Different fabrics have different spacing. In simple words, different fabrics have small and large holes depending on the structure of the fabric, and this spacing influences the effectiveness of a mask. You might be wondering why are these holes so necessary? These holes are nothing but the spaces through which the viruses will get blocked from entering your nasal passage.

2. Go for tightly woven fabric

We all have searched the market for stylish face masks which are tightly woven. Do you know why tightly woven face masks are preferred over the traditional ones? Well, the dense and tightly woven face masks offer better protection from the viruses and the pollutants. The higher thread count provides better protection than the original threaded face masks. Go for face masks that are made using canvas material.

3. Multiple layers in the face mask increase the effectiveness

Always go for fashion face masks that have multiple layers. Well, there is a reason behind it. The multiple layers in the face mask increase the effectiveness of filtration of the virus elements and harmful pollutants. But there is a problem people face after wearing the masks with multiple layers. They find it difficult to breathe because of the multiple layers. If you are someone who has trouble breathing in tight face masks, then it is recommended that you go for a single-layered one.

4. Bandanas might not work well

You will often find people covering their faces with a bandana. A test was conducted by some engineers in Missouri S&T. They took bandanas, furnace filters and pillowcases are face coverings and testing their effectiveness. The results were shocking. Out of these, bandanas got the last position and this is because bandanas are loosely woven and will allow the majority of the pollutants and viruses to go through it. So you should avoid wearing a bandana before stepping out of your house.

5. Knit materials with organic cotton layer can work well

Knit materials which are of low quality tend to stretch and for this reason, the holes get bigger and bigger according to the usage. As the holes get bigger, the viruses and harmful pollutants can enter the mask and affect the wearer. But here is what modifications can do to change the scenario. Face masks made with double knit cotton material along with an additional organic cotton layer inside can not only block the harmful viruses and pollutants but also facilitates the breathability factor of the wearer. The combination is the mask you should go for when it comes to protection from viruses  and ease of breathing. If you have a hard time breathing, then you can go for a fashion face mask made with double knit material than the traditional N95 mask.

6. The pros and cons of a filter

Stylish face masks come with an additional pocket for filters these days and believe it or not, some filter can pose to be a threat than actually helping the wearer. Wondering why is that so? Well, there are certain household filters which contain fiberglass as the base material. Now, this fiberglass can be dangerous to the wearer if inhaled. If you go for a mask with a filter, then it is recommended that you must sandwich that filter in the middle of the layers of the fabric in order to minimize the inhalation of such dangerous fibers.

7. A good mask should be close fitting to your face

Remember this face that face masks should be firmly yet closely fitted with your face. For better protection from the coronavirus and the harmful pollutants in the air, a face mask should cover your nose and mouth and there should not be any gaps around the mask. Any space left open will allow the viruses to reach your nasal passage and mouth and will make you sick. So always remember that whenever you buy a face mask online, you need to wear that mask and make sure that the mask fits you perfectly and does not leave any openings anywhere after wearing the mask.

8. Wear something to cover your face

It has been seen that people avoid wearing masks because of this one simple reason. They find wearing masks very uncomfortable. If the masks are doubled layered fabric masks, then the wearer will find it difficult to breathe. Do not worry as we have some other options open for you. Go for single-layer lightweight fashion face masks. Those masks will provide you protection against the deadly coronavirus and also will allow you to breathe properly.

If you are unable to purchase a mask or the masks are unavailable in your nearby stores, then there is nothing to worry about. Try wearing a mask made out of household fabric and get going.

Here are the most important facts you need to know before you buy a face mask. Remember that no face mask guarantees that the wearer will be 100 percent protected from the viruses and disease-causing microbes. To get the maximum benefit of a face mask, you need to practice proper hygienic practices such as using sanitizers when you touch doorknobs in public places and washing your hands with an alcohol-based hand wash for at least 20 minutes. This is a way people can be safe and make their way through this pandemic.

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