8 Ways to Choose Face Mask for Bikers in This Pandemic

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. But now it’s evident that the virus is going to stay with us for at least some time. Wearing face masks has become one of the utmost important safety measures now. While the face mask for bikers is always considered as a healthy habit to avoid pollution. Bikers are mostly exposed to pollution as they have to inhale the emissions from the bigger vehicles while stuck in the traffic signals.

Now with the emergence of this pandemic face masks have become a must for everybody.

face mask for bikers

We have spent enough time inside our homes. Now the time has come to step out and come back to our normal cycle of life. But definitely this time we must strictly follow all the safety measures while we have to work outdoors in crowded conditions. As more people are now considering to avail personal transports like bikes and bicycles, the demand for face masks is going high. SaraTanwir is one such company that is trying to protect your family and friends in this pandemic with their large collection of non-medical face masks specially crafted for bikers.

How to Choose the Right Mask?


The face mask should protect your skin from dust, wind, cold, UV rays from the sun, and, most importantly, from pollution. Different anti-pollution face masks use different filters providing different levels of filtration. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions before buying any product. A good anti-pollutant filter is a must-have for face masks for bikers.

Comfort and Material

The mask should be made of good fabric quality so that you can easily wear those for a long time without damaging your skin. The material should be sturdy enough so it can be used for a certain period. Choose a mask with fine material just so you can wear it under your helmet without feeling stuffy. 

Washable or Reusable

There are two types of non-medical face masks available in the market. The first type is for one-time usage. You have to discard these masks after each use. And the second type is reusable. There is a particular procedure of washing and storing them for further usage. The second type of masks is more convenient for frequent users. But in this pandemic situation, you must be extra cautious about the storage process.


It is important that you choose a face mask that fits tightly on your face covering all the necessary areas without hurting you. The perfect balance between fit and comfort is one of the virtues of a good quality face mask. Some companies offer you a thorough listing of the size chart for your face size. It is advisable that you take some time to choose the exact size for yourself. The right size prevents unfiltered air particles from coming through any gaps.

Non-medical Masks

The recommended face masks for bikers are the non-medical face masks. During this pandemic, we have noticed a surge in demand for face masks. In this situation, everybody apart from the medical workers as being advised to wear only the non-medical face masks. These masks fit securely to your head. These are mostly reusable. These masks have layered fabric material that can reduce the spread of the virus as well as protect you from pollution while riding your bike.


Wearing face masks in hotter and humid weather conditions is challenging. The right face mask should maintain a balance between safety and breathability. We should look for masks that prevent any harmful air particles from entering inside. At the same time, we should not be suffocating in our own breath under a too-thick mask. If we go for thicker layers thinking of better protection, it can prove to be more harmful than helpful.


Face mask for bikers comes with different coverage options for your face. Half masks would just cover your mouth and nose regions, while full coverage masks cover your entire face and neck for better protection from all the external factors. So, for covering long-distance journeys on your bike, the full-face protective masks are great. But for short distance journeys, half masks are enough to protect you from the pollutants.


Masks have multiple designs to attach to your face. The most common and comfortable designs are the masks with ear loops and those with a head-string. Most of the masks come with a nose clamp. It helps to adjust the mask fit best on your nose according to the shape concealing any gap. This prevents entering any particle inside and the fogging of the eyewear.


Wearing face masks is the ‘new normal’ in our lives. With the pollution scale that our world had reached, it was already very important for bikers and cyclists to use anti-pollution face coverings. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have now become an essential element. Numerous companies have emerged during this period with a new large collection of face masks with different designs and utilities. You should carefully choose the right product form the right store to ensure your safety. Not only that, but you should also take proper care of the mask after each use and should never share it with anyone else.


How to choose the right size?

All face masks come with instructions for a size chart for easy understanding. Before buying the product, just go through those instructions.

Are these breathable while riding?

Yes, of course, these are. The masks are designed like so. The air filters are made with the technology that allows you to breathe cool and fresh air.

Can wearing these masks prevent spreading the coronavirus?

To some extent, yes. As long as you maintain the recommended distance with other people, these can be somewhat helpful as the coronavirus is not an airborne virus. 

How to choose the best face mask for bikers?

Bikers are extremely exposed to pollution. The best face masks would be the ones with good quality filters that can protect you against almost 98-99% pollutants. Always go for masks that provide good airflow.

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